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At Zephyrus Aerolabs, we share a vision to proactively contribute in protecting the Earth by mitigating emissions and aiding in a sustainable transition to cleaner sources of energy

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Meet the Co-Founders


Saurabh Kumar

Saurabh's experience at sea and on shore as a marine engineer helps the company gain a competitive advantage to identify opportunities in the maritime industry and address them with plausible solutions. His calm nature, strong-headedness, passion for conservation of the environment, and the ability to make strong decisions makes him the spearhead of the organisation.


Christopher Solomon

Christopher's experience working for  Offshore EPC & Turnaround projects in planning and engineering roles brings project management and controls discipline to the team. His strong critical thinking, insights of the Oil & Gas sector and knowledge in embedded systems makes him the best fit to oversee business operations for the company.


Christos Vamvakas

Christos has been closely involved with the renewables sector and is very passionate about discovering commercially viable solutions for environmental protection. His background in financial management, strong analytical and researching skills equips the company to be sure that efficiency is maintained on the financial front.

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